“2018 World Cup” Project Training & Marketing Mobilization Meeting of CTI. Major Clients Department Ended in Beijing
Date:2018-03-09 Browse:48

In his speech, Fu Junwei first summed up the work in 2017. He mentioned that, in the past year, China Today International's major client department has made great progress and created value for its partners and also handed in a beautiful report card for China Today Internationa’s tenth anniversary. All efforts ranging from the “One Belt and One Road Coins Album” at the beginning of the year to the “Zhou Lingzhao’s Zodiac Series Works” launch press conference in November, have won the recognition of clients and the applause of the industry. These are inseparable from the struggle and efforts of every colleague in China Today International major client department.

Time is the most objective witness and also a ruler to record the footprint of the struggler. Every strugger will receive a reward from time. At the meeting, he commended the elites who made outstanding contributions in 2017 and repeatedly stressed the importance of learning. He hoped that in the following year, further strengthen learning and define own values and life goals in a higher position so as to embrace change and never stop.

Finally, in light of the problems that existed in last year's work, Fu Junwei conducted overall coordination and planning for the work of 2018 so as to make position and location for the new mission of the new year and set new goals for the new journey. He proposed that training outstanding team leaders, building personal advantages, opening up diversified channels, exploring projects and upgrading professional services are the priorities of the work in 2018. He said: “If there are any ideas, as long as you take actions, you will exceed 50% people”. Hardworking can realize dreams and create futures. In 2018, everyone must be hardworking, worthy of their own jobs and have work achievements. At the same time, China Today International will also refine and implement the policy of “able person should do more work and gain more” to cultivate more employees with income over one million.

The “2018 World Cup” project was trained and explained personally by Lian Xin, Vice President of China Today International and General Manager of Marketing Department. During the two-hour training period, he analyzed the strengths and marketing highlights of the World Cup project from multiple latitudes and led the entire team into the exciting world of World Cup through the citing of evidence and the support of big data. The training not only deepens the full awareness of the World Cup project, but also mobilizes enthusiasm. In the end, Lian Xin also systematically elaborated the overall marketing plan of the World Cup project and established a strong sales confidence for all employees.


It is necessary to have effective tools to do good work. After the training and learning, combined with the characteristics of their respective channels, the personnel of each channel discussed the product marketing and promotion strategies suitable for their own channel based on the attributes, characteristics and value points of the products. Everyone deepened their understanding of the product and put forward innovative and feasible sales strategy in the process of brainstorming. Thus, everyone is ready to reserve forces and compete for the “Champion” of the New Year project and make full efforts for the World Cup project.