Company Mission

To create a wonderful cultural enjoyment for the world


Corporate Vision

To be a Global、Historicand Happy CTI

The Global CTI means becoming a world-famous cultural industry groupwithinternational perspective and have the ability toexpand CTI brand, business, and service to the world.

The Happy CTI means that  people who have common goalswork together to achieve a business success alongside with  sweat、tears and joy.


Core Values

Customers Come First、Embrace the Change、Deploitationand Innovative、Be Responsible、ExtraordinaryTeamwork、Challenge Ourselves

Customers Come First:CIT would have been nothing without our customers; our original intention is to satisfy our customers and create the value for them beyond expection.

Embrace the Changes:We are in a period of rapid development, we shall welcome the changes with our open mindand proactively to accept the newobjects.

Deploitation and innovation:from 1.5 to 101.5,there are 100 steps away from the magnificent goal;We need to constantly open up new fields and create new things.

Be Responsible:We need to have the courage to face the difficulties, take the responsibility for our actions and be brave to challenge higher professional requirements and responsibilities.CTI will be the one leading the development trend of cultural industry

Extraordinary Teamwork: Our team is built on a foundation of mutual trust, mutual support  and collaboration and sharing. We all have a common goal and keep in mind that collective interests above personal interests, which is, 1+1>2.

Challenge Ourselves: Everyone should try to lookbeyond yourselves, break up conventional thinking, and continually to achieve higher goals. We need to remind ourselves that the best result from today will be the minimum requirements for tomorrow.


Work Style

Sturdy、Practicality、High Efficiency

Sturdy: One minute on the stage takes ten years of work. Refused to hearsay and smatter .Experience precipitation experience, details determine success.

Practicality:Everything is based on facts,we  should respect the law of development ;Do not exaggerating, do not avoiding,use good communication skill to solve problems.

High Efficiency: react rapidly, take actions immediately, time is the greatest cost.


Business Philosophy

Product Leadership、Customer Intimacy、Create Value 、Cooperation and Mutual Benefits.